Cover Reveal! Jaye L. Knight’s “Resistance”

Isn’t this book cover beautiful? Being from Seattle, I’m always partial to green (though blue is my absolute favorite, as my wardrobe will tell you, and not just the jeans); this particular cover hearkens back to Scotland and the days of William Wallace, Rob Roy, and epic “Freedom!!!!” yells, don’t you think? And I’m confident […]

Emerald City Comicon 2014

Last weekend was one of my favorite weekend events in Seattle: Emerald City Comicon! I do believe they outdid themselves this year, with some amazing celebrity and media guests and epic programming over all three days. Highlights? Well, I have to say that the best part was meeting Karl Urban. He plays Bones in the […]

Reflections and changes

Food is a funny thing. You get used to certain foods, habits, cooking styles – and then, sometimes, things have to change. You develop an allergy, sensitivity, or plain and simple boredom. I never thought I would get bored with food. Homework? Sure. I graduated from college with a BA in European Studies, not solely […]

Book Review: Avra’s God, by Ann Lee Miller

I recently had the privilege of reading Ann Lee Miller’s Avra’s God (New Smyrna Beach Series), set at a public university in sunny Florida. I was blessed to attend private schools from kindergarten through college, and will admit that I wasn’t sure how well I could or would relate to the public-school setting, having never […]

Friday favorites: Seattle produce

Today’s Friday favorites is brought to you by the second day of spring and the glorious Seattle sunshine (did I just jinx it? Please say no …). What are your favorite things about spring? I love spring training, the daffodils people hand out around downtown on the first day of spring, blue sky, birds chirping […]

St. Patrick’s Day: Books, and food, and stories, oh my!

I love St. Patrick’s Day. The food, the traditions, everything about it. I have not participated in all of it, such as green beer or the area St. Patty’s Day fun runs, but I’m right there with the corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot; Irish soda bread; and, for some strange reason, “Freaky […]

A discussion of copyrights, and Irish Soda Bread

Food blogging, I have come to discover over the last year, has an etiquette and terminology all its own. Was this recipe adapted from or inspired by that one? What is your SEO ranking? Do you have or .org? (WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?!?!) /end caps lock of doom. So many things to keep track of! […]

“Love’s Promises”: A Cover Reveal

Some of my favorite people in the book world have paired up yet again! Sandra Leesmith is back with a new book available for (my favorite device) Kindle on (my favorite website) Amazon. (She wrote Love’s Refuge and Love’s Miracles, both of which I immensely enjoyed and have written about here and here.) The cover […]