Friday favorites: Seattle produce

Today’s Friday favorites is brought to you by the second day of spring and the glorious Seattle sunshine (did I just jinx it? Please say no …). :)

What are your favorite things about spring? I love spring training, the daffodils people hand out around downtown on the first day of spring, blue sky, birds chirping … the list could go on. :)

But what I love most this year is anticipating the grand opening of the local farmer’s markets. Not only can you get all this for a ridiculously low price …

fresh market produce

… you can quickly and easily turn it into something divinely tasty.


The weather forecasters are even saying that this spring and summer will be warmer than average. I hope this means we’ll get a longer and more bountiful window of this glorious goodness!

We all know how much I love my apples – :) – so I’m looking forward to branching out into other things I enjoy but don’t use that much.

The top five things I’m most excited about:
– Rhubarb will be in full swing next month (glory be!)…
– and local berries are not far behind, beginning to show up in May.
– June will see cherries – I can test out my new cherry pitter!
– and July, I’m happy to say, will feature Walla Walla sweet onions at their peak.
– August is prime for sweet corn (4 for $1 or better!).

I’m already drooling at the thought of grilled hamburgers with corn on the cob. The best things of summer …

What local produce are you most excited about? How do you plan to use it this summer?

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  1. apuginthekitchen says:

    You made me long for spring and summer produce. I can’t wait to go to the market and see bountiful heaps of delicious fruits and vegetables. Hamburgers and sweet corn on the cob, oh yes!! It’s still quite cold here with the exception of tomorrow (Saturday) but it’s coming and very soon. Love it when we see berries at the market!

  2. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin says:

    Two of my favorites at the farmers’ markets and those grocery stores that carry local produce are corn on the cob and soy beans. Neither are particularly seasonal, tho. A lot of plants aren’t when you live in the tropics in stead of further pole-ward. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  3. The-broken-bread says:

    I am in the same boat as you.. Seattle has been hit or miss with the sun lately, but I will take it! I can’t wait to get my hands on all of the amazing produce that this season will bring us!! I am so happy about the arrival or rhubarb.

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