Las Brisas, or, eating copious amounts of guacamole

I had to get my oil changed prior to going on vacation in T minus three weeks (yay!), and finally got off my tail to do it yesterday. Grease Monkey, come to find out, doesn’t require appointments, so I went over there after checking out 14 books from the local library (all food/kitchen-related). Of course, I left them in the trunk so didn’t have any reading material during my whopping 20-minute wait. (Grease Monkey has a new fan.)

Anyway. They gave me a coupon afterward, good for a free appetizer at Las Brisas, a local restaurant I hadn’t yet been to. I decided to truck myself down there tonight and make use of it.

Since I”m one of those people who feels guilty ordering an appetizer as an entree, I only ordered their guacamole for my appetizer (upon finding out they give you free chips and salsa, which I felt silly for not cluing into beforehand – what self-respecting Mexican restaurant wouldn’t do that?). I ordered a taco salad, which came with its own side of guacamole, and sangria for the main course.

It was good – but let me say that Taco del Mar does equally well, if not better, on their taco salad. Las Brisas’ was just meh – your run of the mill taco salad you could make at home. (Although the spinach tortilla they crisped for the bowl was pretty fantasmo, especially since I told myself I wouldn’t try any.) And the plate came warmed, which is good in theory unless you have a dollop of sour cream on the plate … let’s keep the sour cream cold, shall we?

Thank goodness, the double-dose of guacamole was tres bien (or should that be muy bien?). I’m slightly opinionated when it comes to guac, so I was relieved that that, at least, turned out well. I ate it all without a second thought.

And the sangria was great. I’ve now had sangria twice in my life and it’s becoming a good tester for me, something I don’t mind trying at a variety of places because most of them are pretty different. And this one was significantly different than the last one I had (I sadly don’t remember where I had it, and it was recent – but give me an hour and I’ll remember). Red wine versus white, seemingly, and just a wedge each of lemon and lime, rather than fresh fruit in the glass.

Verdict: Three stars (out of five). I’ll go back, but won’t be running.

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